When LDH Group scouts for artists, talents or models on the street, we strictly adhere to the following rules.

  • ・ Our scouts will always provide a business card for identification before beginning any conversations.
  • ・ Our scouts will offer any explanation necessary in a public space such as on the street, in a cafe, at LDH Group's corporate headquarters (Present location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo) or EXPG STUDIO schools.
  • ・ In cases where minors are being scouted, we will provide a business card at the spot and always contact a parent or guardian to let them come to LDH Group's corporate headquarters or EXPG STUDIO schools together and then we will explain about scouting. Moreover, we will need permission from the guardians first to get their contact information and offer explanation for the scouting.
  • ・ Our scouts do not engage in forceful or persistent scouting.
  • ・ Our scouts will never ask for money.
  • ・ Our scouts will never request that you immediately sign or seal a contract.
  • ・ Our scouts will never request to change locations under the pretext of a lesson or similar activities.
  • ・ Our scouts will never drink alcohol or offer a drink of alcohol while on duty.

When you find any scout violating the provisions mentioned above, please contact us.