CONTACTInquiries for LDH

E-mails sent by our company in response to inquiries will be sent to the inquirer personally for the single purpose of responding to their questions. Please note that repurposing and/or reusing either a portion or the entirety of the contents given in the response email without permission is in direct violation of the copyright act.

We will be responsible for the management of the inquirer's personal information provided to us. That information will be used for the single purpose of answering inquiries. Please click here for more information regarding our Privacy Policy.

Please note that inquiries may take up to several days to respond based on the nature of the question, or if the inquiry falls on weekends or holidays.
Thank you for your understanding.

In some cases, answers to inquiries may be answered directly from the division in charge. Furthermore, there may be cases where we may not be able to provide a response, based on the nature of the inquiry.
We appreciate your understanding.