NEWSConcerning the Tax Audit Results from the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau



Today, LDH JAPAN Inc. have submitted an amended tax return for approximately 57 million yen in corporate taxes, etc. after undergoing a tax audit by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau for the period between March 2021 to December 2022, due to errors in the way some expenses were filed.

Regarding the details of the investigation, the errors were found to be primarily related to the filing of outsourcing expenses, and there were no indications of any income concealment, etc.
We have received instructions from the bureau to record our expenditure in a more appropriate manner, and we as a company have accepted this and agree to be more cautious in the future.

A corporate compliance program has been previously established a within our company for managing tax compliance, but from now on, we will enforce a more thorough practice of tax compliance and ensure to file reports / pay taxes in a more appropriate manner.

December 27, 2023