NEWSAbout donations due to earthquake in eastern Taiwan



We would like to express our deepest sympathy to everyone who has been affected by the earthquake that occurred in eastern Taiwan on April 3.

LDH JAPAN Group Inc. has donated 10 million yen for the relief and reconstruction of the disaster-affected areas.

EXPG opened in Taiwan in 2009 and LDH TAIWAN INC. opened in Taiwan in 2023 with EXILE AKIRA as the president & CEO. LDH has a deep connection with Taiwan and has built a friendly relationship with Taiwan through LDH artists’ visits to Taiwan for events and live shows.

We would like to support those affected by the disaster, exploring what we can do as LDH and what we can do through entertainment.

We sincerely pray for the early recovery and reconstruction and for everyone’s good health.

April 5, 2024
LDH JAPAN Group Inc., EXILE TRIBE and all affiliated artists and talents