NEWS“EXILE CUP” 2024 to be held!



As a social contribution activity of LDH JAPAN Inc., “EXILE CUP” is a futsal tournament started in 2010 for 4th to 6th graders of elementary schools.

In the summer of 2024, the 12th “EXILE CUP 2024” will be held!

Preliminaries will be held at 10 venues in 9 regions: Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokushinetsu, Kanto, Tokai, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu (2 venues).
The final tournament, in which the winning team from each region will gather, will be held in Imabari City of Ehime Prefecture.

Over the past 11 years, a total of 4,824 teams and 42,127 children with dreams have participated in the tournament and had intense battles.

With the hope for kids to bravely take on “challenges”
and under the theme of “Dreams For Children”,
we will support children who play soccer wholeheartedly and happily.

We are looking forward to active applications from kid players around Japan who are making every effort to play soccer and futsal!

EXILE CUP will continue to be held in 2024!!
I will do my best to support the dreams of the participating children.
I am very much looking forward to the best games brought by all the soccer-loving kid players from all over Japan!!
Please believe in yourself and work hard together with your teammates.

■Kenchi Tachibana
The 12th EXILE CUP will be held this year!
Last year, many wonderful battles happened at each venue.
I was moved by the players going all out with sportsmanship and believing in the results of their daily practice.
The level of the participating players has been improving as the tournament is held every year. It makes me think players who will lead the Japanese soccer community may be born here in the future.
I sincerely hope that your participation in EXILE CUP will be engraved as a page of your youth. EXILE will try our best to ginger up the tournament and ensure it can go on smoothly.
Please capture “VICTORY”!!

EXILE CUP, which LDH started as one of its social contribution activities in 2010, will be held as always this year!
Up to now, about 42,000 children with dreams who love playing soccer have participated in EXILE CUP.
I myself will participate as well this year. I hope to create memories with many children and look forward to dancing Craque Dance, which is introduced in the warm-up session, with you all!
I wish this year’s EXILE CUP will be connected with your dreams and goals!

EXILE CUP started under the theme and idea of contributing to society, revitalizing local communities and bringing dreams to children. Many tournaments have been held so far.
Hope this year’s tournament can be a place for you to challenge yourself, build bonds with your teammates and show the results of your daily practice while leading to your growth and supporting your future!

EXILE CUP will be held as always this year!
Most of the members of FANTASTICS have played soccer!
Seeing the participating children pursuing their dreams and chasing the ball around enthusiastically, we remembered many times the days when we played soccer in the past.
Through EXILE CUP, we can get endless power and energy from children. We will also work harder to be as good as them!!
We FANTASTICS will do our best to support children who are striving for their dreams!
And we hope to provide strength for everyone to realize their dreams!
We cannot wait to play soccer with everyone!
This tournament has become an annual summer festival as a tradition!
We are really looking forward to meeting many children through this year’s EXILE CUP!
Be sure to participate!

“EXILE CUP 2024”

◆6/9 (Sun.) Hokushinetsu Meet @Nagano Prefecture
Venue: Nagano Olympic Stadium Baseball Field

◆6/16 (Sun.) Kanto Meet @Gunma Prefecture
Venue: Koei Maebashi Football Center

◆6/30 (Sun.) Tohoku Meet @Fukushima Prefecture 
Venue: J-VILLAGE All-weather Training Field

◆7/7 (Sun.) Kyushu Meet 1@Okinawa Prefecture 
Venue: Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park Soccer & Rugby Field

◆7/21 (Sun.) Shikoku Meet @Ehime Prefecture 
Venue: Imabari Sports Park Artificial Grass Soccer Ground

◆7/28 (Sun.) Chugoku Meet @Yamaguchi Prefecture

◆8/7 (Wed.) Hokkaido Meet @Sapporo Prefecture  
Venue: Sapporo Soccer Amusement Park

◆8/18 (Sun.) Tokai Meet @Gifu Prefecture  
Venue: Yaotsu Sosui Park Multipurpose Ground

◆8/25 (Sun.) Kansai Meet @Nara Prefecture 
Venue: Nara Football Center

◆9/1 (Sun.) Kyushu Meet 2 @Saga Prefecture  
Venue: Black Mont Blanc Football Center

◆9/15 (Sun.) @Ehime Prefecture
Venue: Asics Satoyama Stadium in Imabari

【Eligible Participant】
4th to 6th graders of elementary schools 

【Participation fee】


Japan Football Association

【Official Homepage】
*For details such as application methods, please check out the homepage of “EXILE CUP 2024”.