NEWSThailand’s largest entertainment company GMM Music and LDH JAPAN to Establish Joint Venture



~Creating new entertainment from Thailand and Japan~

Thailand’s largest entertainment company GMM Music and LDH JAPAN Inc. will establish “G&LDH”. “G&LDH” is the first joint venture that GMM Music will establish with a Japanese company.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Thai television shows produced by GMMTV have achieved great success globally, drawing focus not just to the shows, but to the entire Thai entertainment industry as a whole.

GMM Music, which currently boasts a 60% market share in Thailand, has decided to establish a joint venture with LDH with the aim of further improving the quality of artists, music and performances.

This is attributed to the quality of LDH artists and the training and management system of EXPG that has been recognized through BALLISTIK BOYZ’s and PSYCHIC FEVER’s activities in Thailand since 2022.

By multiplying LDH’s experience in artist training, dance, and vocal performances, and production of live shows with the potential of Thai entertainment, we will have artists who will be active not only in Thailand and Japan, but also in Asia.

We would like to spread the appeal and potential of Thai entertainment, Japanese entertainment and Asian entertainment to the world and spread dreams to many children in Asia.

The entertainment market in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, is expected to develop further in the future. Please keep an eye on all of G&LDH’s activities to come.