RECRUITINTERVIEWYoung staff working at LDH

Corporate Strategy Division
Joined in 2022


Can you tell us about your job?
I work as a project manager for global projects, focusing primarily on Southeast Asia, including countries like Thailand and Indonesia.
I'm tasked with a wide range of responsibilities, but it mainly involves a lot of negotiating and coordinating to execute various overseas projects for events, live performances, music production, and PR. Additionally, I accompany artists when going overseas as an interpreter, and provide my full support for visitors when they come to Japan.
What part of your job do you find appealing and rewarding?
Since it's my mission is to deliver LDH entertainment to the world, I feel a great sense of fulfillment when I see our artists' performances being enthusiastically received at local events or when I see comments on social media from countries all over the world.
Apart from that, communicating with the local staff deepens my knowledge of the type of entertainment in different countries. It also helps me see how people outside of Japan view not just LDH, but Japanese entertainment as well. These aspects are what I find really appealing about this job.
Tell me what made you choose us?
I pursued my job search with one big dream and goal: to deliver the appeal of Japanese entertainment to the world. LDH attracted me because, beyond artist management, they engage in a variety of entertainment businesses, including music, film, theater production, EXPG, LDH apparel, and LDH Kitchen. The excitement of knowing that LDH can deliver a diverse range of Japanese entertainment from various angles is what led to my decision to join.
What makes you glad you joined LDH?
I think the best part about LDH is its ability to get young employees involved in large projects early on, allowing them to gain various experiences, despite having little work experience at first.
I was actually sent on a business trip abroad just 3 months after finishing my orientation training and getting assigned to a division. I don't think there are any other companies that lets you go abroad this quick.
LDH provides chances for those with a strong determination to pursue what they want, and I’m glad I joined.
Do you have any dreams you want to fulfill here at LDH?
My ultimate dream and goal is to spread LDH entertainment globally, so that people all over the world will recognize LDH as one of the world’s top entertainment companies.
In 2022, BALLISTIK BOYZ and PSYCHIC FEVER have been actively performing in Thailand. Starting in 2023, THE RAMPAGE now joins them, significantly boosting LDH's presence in Southeast Asia.
I want to keep increasing LDH’s global recognition by having our artists perform worldwide and have our news fill entertainment headlines across various countries.
Please give a message to the new graduates out there seeking a job.
To everyone who's currently looking for work, what kind of impression do you have towards job hunting? Whether it’s excitement, anxiety, or you think it's hard work, it's the perfect time to ask yourself what it is you reall want to do.
The most important thing in job hunting is to convey what you genuinely love, just as you are. Everyone has their unique charms, so don’t be nervous and just tell yourself what you're passionate about. I'll be rooting for you!