RECRUITINTERVIEWYoung staff working at LDH

Sales Division
Joined in 2020


Can you tell us about your job?
I work in the Publicity Section. In simple terms, I deal with PR.
My main responsibility is to disseminate information daily so that LDH news gets covered by web media, information programs, sports newspapers, and so on.
Since these places usually handles large amounts of information daily from all different sources free of charge, it's our job to ensure our news gets featured and made into significant articles.
What part of your job do you find appealing and rewarding?
We work hard to get as much news coverage as possible through live shows, event reports, and interviews, but what gives me the best sense of fulfillment is when that feedback comes from the fans.
On top of that, as a PR professional, I handle almost all cases involving our affiliate artists, which can sometimes take my work to various places, including overseas—an aspect I find very appealing.
Working behind the scenes, you usually don't get the type of recogniztion that artists get, but I was genuinely happy when my family and friends saw my name in the credits for 'HiGH & LOW WORST X.'
Tell me what made you choose us?
Wactually made me decide to apply was the personality of the HR person who was assigned to me at the time! I was looking for jobs in the entertainment industry, and being a big 'HiGH & LOW Series'fan at the time, I decided to apply for LDH.
As I explored various LDH content to learn more about the company, I truly felt that they embodied their philosophy of "people first." This was also evident during the interviews, making me want to work for this company even more. Before I knew it, LDH became my number one choice.
What makes you glad you joined LDH?
LDH's greatest appeal is its live performances. Being in the same space with thousands of people all going crazy watching the same performance, you get the realization that we're creating something incredible, no matter how many times you witness it.
Although there are challenges, I feel lucky to being able to work while experiencing this type of entertainment firsthand.
Other than the live performances, the company is always taking on new projects in films, theater, school businesses, expansions into Asia, social contribution activities, and much more. Just keeping up with the constant amount of work in itself is pretty difficult, but I find it suits me because it keeps my job fresh and exciting.
Do you have any dreams you want to fulfill here at LDH?
Since joining, I've wanted to be involved in producing content that surpasses "HiGH & LOW," and that aspiration remains unchanged.
But through doing PR work, I’ve learned that no matter how good the content is, it can't reach the people if the delivery is poor. My current goal at the moment is to fully understand my role in this position, so that when the opportunity to get involved in production comes, I can also excel in promoting it.
Please give a message to the new graduates out there seeking a job.
Just the fact that you’re reading this makes you truly exceptional, so stay confident and give your best!
It can be a long and tough journey, and there were times when I felt mentally unstable too.
In such times, immerse yourself in your favorite entertainment, give it your all at your part-time job, get together with a friend and encourage each other. Rather than overthinking it by yourself, do some fun and exciting things to get your mind over it!
In doing so, you’ll rediscover your strengths and weaknesses, giving you an idea of what you truly want to do, so approach it with a "have fun and you'll win" attitude! I'm looking forward to working with you!!