RECRUITCROSS TALK 20232023 New Graduates Roundtable Discussion

In this roundtable discussion, we bring together five new graduates who've joined LDH in 2023.
They openly share their experiences and their current goals since joining the company.

  • Y.IManagement and Sales Headquarters
    1st Management Division
  • T.AManagement and Sales Headquarters
    2nd Management Division
  • M.MManagement and Sales Headquarters
    2nd Management Division
  • K.NManagement and Sales Headquarters
    Music Content Division
  • A.OCorporate Strategy Division

*The affiliated divisions listed are those at the time of the interview.

What stood out to you during the selection process?

One thing that stood out was the peer introduction exercise! We were put into pairs in a large group and given about five minutes to prepare introductions for each other. It was quite memorable.

Oh the very first thing we did, right?

Having to introduce someone you had just met really tested our questioning skills and our ability to summarize information quickly.

What left the biggest impression on me was presenting in front of the employees. The entire thing was tough, including the preparation.

Absolutely. I remember being really nervous about that, especially since the entirety of the selection process up to that point had been online.

I put more effort into preparing for that presentation than any of my other ones. When I participated in the summer internship, I realized how much LDH values students' presentation skills, so I knew I had to work a little harder.

LDH had many unique tasks for the selection process, but instead of panicking, I asked myself, "What will they be looking for?" and did each one accordingly.

What were some things you're glad you did during your job hunt?

I think thoroughly analyzing myself was really beneficial.


I started thinking back on my life from as far back as I could remember and internalized it. This made it much easier to talk during interviews and made my words more convincing.

For me, it was practicing for the interviews. I wasn't comfortable speaking to people I've never met, so I practiced speaking in front of the mirror while taking a bath or in the morning when I'm washing my face (laughs).

Nice (laughs).

I found it useful summarizing only the key points I wanted to discuss during the interview. It made it way easier to remember, and even if I tried to write the entire thing down, I'd definitely forget it all.

I think for me, it was making friends with other job seekers because I got to exchange information, receive feedback about entry sheets, and even do mock interviews and stuff. Since there weren't many people I knew around me seeking employment in the entertainment industry, I made it an effort to make friends with the people that I've found and build cooperative relationships with them.

Gathering information plays a really huge part. I also had a hard time getting any information regarding the industry, so I tried participating in as many alumni visit programs as I could and listened to their stories.

Can you each tell us about your jobs?

I work as a manager. I handle various tasks for artists I'm in charge of, from planning to practical on-site duties.

I’m also a manager. In addition to doing the kind of work that T mentioned, I focus particularly on creating a work environment where the artists can perform their best.

I belong in the Corporate Strategy Division where my main job is corporate branding. I come up with ways to enhance LDH's value as a company.

I'm also a manager, but since I’m proficient in English, I often go work overseas. There's definitely a difference in the way people work over there compared to Japan, and it's difficult trying to grasp it all, but that doesn't compare to the invaluable experience I'm receiving.

I work in the Music Content Division as an A&R. I’m responsible for planning the production and release of products, including songs and music videos. Additionally, I organize and distribute monthly presentations for our staff, introducing new tracks from our artists before their official release.

Have your impressions of LDH changed since joining the company?

Before joining, I had the impression that there would be a strong hierarchy, so when I first started, I didn't expect to be given many tasks to do. But it turned out to be completely different, the seniors often encouraged me to give things a try. It's a company where even in your first year, you can easily share your opinions and get tasked with a variety of work to do.

They really let you do things in your own way (laughs).

I found it to be a more comfortable working environment than I expected. The entertainment industry tends to have a strong perception of irregular working hours, so I was quite apprehensive at first (laughs). Of course, there are busy periods, but the seniors are always telling us to "take some time off" which is easy to do at this company. It's great to have found an environment where you can work without pushing yourself too hard.

My impression of LDH changed when I was sent abroad shortly after joining. I had thought that overseas assignments would be prioritized for those with more seniority or previous experience working abroad due to their scale, so I was surprised to be given the opportunity to work abroad even as a newcomer. At the same time, I felt very grateful. It made me feel glad that I had studied English.

That's impressive!

I also felt that there was a strong sense of trust between the artists and the staff. Before joining, I always wondered if the artists would be intimidating (laughs), but there's a mutual understanding of being a "team" and we're at a point where we can communicate closely. Despite being a newcomer, I find it very easy to work. Everyone is working towards the same goal of delivering something great to the fans, so it feels like we're all in it together! There are only a few amount of people who label the artists as just "celebrities".

Speaking of staff relationships, I had an impression that a large portion of LDH employees would be very intimidating, kind of like the impression I had of LDH in the past (laughs). But that's not the case at all. There are a lot of people who give off a normal vibe, which is reassuring (laughs).

Another thing is that many staff members have great expectations for new employees! They provide careful guidance, and it's clear that they want us to be the ones to carry the company forward in the future.

Yeah, they never say things like, "This is why we don't trust newcomers!"

Has your perspective on entertainment changed since you started working?

Of course, everyone has, right?


I think the biggest change is how I look at concerts. When I was just a fan, I only focused on what was happening on stage, but now that I know about the all the challenges going on behind the scenes, I start thinking more about what's going on behind the stage when I watch other concerts. Now when I watch, I watch with the intention of studying the production and other aspects. Knowing that there are many people working behind the scenes to create a truly impressive live show has been eye-opening.

My perspective on what's trending has changed! Not just in music, but in everything. Before, when I saw something trending, I just thought to myself, "Oh, I guess this is what's popular now," but now I realize that a lot of meticulous planning goes into making trends, so I find it most educational to research the content and reasons behind what's trending and dive deeper into it.

Entertainment truly is fascinating, isn't it.

For me, now when I'm watching variety shows or dramas at home, I find myself wondering why this person or that person was chosen for this show? I think about the reasons why the artists I'm in charge of weren't chosen, and on the other hand, what would have to happen for them to be chosen, and apply it in the future.

Wow, that's really something you probably wouldn't develop until you start working, huh? (laughs)

I've gained a greater respect for people in the spotlight, not just LDH artists. Even in the midst of busy schedules, seeing them perform without showing signs of exhaustion is really cool. Also a little off-topic, but I've developed a mindset of calculating backwards from the set of future goals we want to achieve in a few years.

Certainly, that way of thinking becomes natural when working here. It's like, saying "I want to achieve this in a few years, so I should definitely do this in the mena time,".

My perspective on everything I see around the city, not just entertainment, has changed! For example, when I see a poster, I start wondering what kind of message it's trying to convey. And when it comes to news, I don't just take it at face value, I often think about the process behind it.

Even though our perspectives have changed, we're able to enjoy entertainment about twice as much because of it, right?


What do you want to achieve in your second year?

I want to meet and connect with new people, both in and out of office. I realized that in order for more people to recognize these artists, they'll need to remember my face as well. Also, I need to get better at using my days off more effectively (laughs).

Yes, getting them to remember you is very important. All the actions that the managers take can directly reflect upon the artists, so it's the manager's job to maintain great relationships with everyone in the business. I also need to get better at making decisions. During my first year, I kept asking a lot of questions trying to learn the craft. This time around, I want to take what I've learned from my seniors and be able to make opinions and make decisions on my own.

That's right, we can't make the excuse of saying "because it's still my first year here," anymore. We need to step it up and show them how much we've grown since then.

Yeah, absolutely. I was definitely a little reckless during my first year, so for this year, I want to able make decisions not only thinking about the seniors, but by looking more at the bigger picture. I also want to become able to participate in more projects overseas. I want to attain a position where people would go to me if they have ideas that involve overseas.

In my first year I was eager to try as many challenges as possible, so even if I didn't always have the ideal backgroud, I was able to be assigned to many projects, but don't think things will go as smoothly this time around. In order to raise my overall value as a business person, my main goal for year 2 is to work hard while still able to learn new things. Of course, being able to get the work done goes without saying, I want to get to a position where people can depend on me.

Through this year, I was able to grasp how things work at the company. For my 2nd year, I want to lessen the mistakes and be able to work thinking a few steps ahead than before. Also, I wasn't able to appeal my creative side all that much, so this time around I'm hoping I'll get the chance to do so while learning more strategies about how to get artists to sell.

Please give a message to everyone currently seeking a job.

Do everything you can to the best of your ability during your job search so that when you look back on it, you know that you've done everything you could've, and that's what important. On another note, job hunting is fundamentally about finding the right match. It's important to understand that just because you prepared for something, it doesn't always necessarily mean that you'll get it. With that in mind, it's important to do your best so that at the end of the day, you can look back on it without regrets and say that you gave it your all!

I really agree with her about not having any regrets. It's definitely a tough time in your life, but I hope you'll face it head-on and push through to the end. I used to motivate myself by imagining what it would be like after joining a company! (laughs) Also, this is the only time in your life where you get to go through the selection processes of so many companies at once, so try to have some fun when doing it as well! These words will surely resonate with you in a few years! (laughs)

During my job search, I was completely broken (laughs), and my goal was simply to receive an offer as quickly as possible to put an end to it all. But when you look at life in the long run, the amount of time you spend working at a company you join is considerably longer than the time you spend job hunting. It's easy wanting to focus on the immediate goal of getting any job offer you can get, but I think you should still broaden your perspective and challenge yourself to look at other various companies until the very end, even after entering a company.

To add on top of that, job hunting doesn't determine your entire life, so don't think your life is over just because you didn't get accepted into your first choice. Instead, for example, you might get accepted into an affiliate company where you're able to work alongside them and get a larger perspective of that company, compared to what you thought you knew about them when you were job hunting. By doing so, I'm sure that one day you'll learn to love your company and realize that life isn't just a single straight path. (laughs) Of course, I'm not saying that you should slack during your job search, but it's also important not to become too narrow-minded and lose sight of the bigger picture.

This isn't directly related to job hunting, but I really want students to give their all when it comes to doing what they love. I truly believe that effort will definitely benefit you in the future in some way shape or form. Since I was also serious about learning dance during my student years, there were many times when artists depended on me regarding dance-related matters. It was during those times that made me realize that all of my experiences weren't all for nothing.

Lastly! I'm sure there are many people who are wondering whether or not they want to turn their passion into a job, but the fact that you're wondering about it is already proof that you want to! (laughs) Working at a company that's filled with like-minded individuals is even more enjoyable than you can imagine! Everyone, please consider applying to LDH!