EXPG is a fully qualified school that aims to train entertainers, including vocalists, dancers, and actors, in hopes of producing the next generation of artists that will take on the world stage. We also operate "EXPG High School" where students can earn a high school diploma while studying dance. We are engaging the possibilities of education through entertainment by giving students the environment and support they need, in hopes of broadening their horizons.

LDH kitchen

After forming "Torishiki ICHIMON", Japan’s leading yakitori restaurant run by the well-known chef Yoshiteru Ikegawa, LDH kitchen aims to introduce yakitori to the world as a part of Japanese food culture with the concept of "Meals are also Entertainment".
LDH also operates many entertainment-filled restaurants. Such establishments include "LDH kitchen THE TOKYO HANEDA", a restaurant with a built-in stage, “AMAZING COFFEE", a coffee shop produced by EXILE TETSUYA, and "3110NZ by LDH kitchen", a sushi bar that came to be from the collaboration of the famous "Sushi Saitou" and contemporary art gallery "NANZUKA".

LDH apparel

At LDH apparel, we create a variety of items that embody the ideas that artists wish to express through fashion. We aim to spread street culture and artists’ worldviews through the LDH apparel items sold at our retail shops, online shop, and even pop-up shops. We also design costumes for artists' live performances, helping to bring out their appeal and make them shine on the stage.


Established in October 2022 as LDH Group's digital animation studio, LDH DIGITAL engages in the development of creating 3DCG characters utilizing the world's most cutting-edge motion capture technology and studio. In preparation for the creation of virtual entertainment following the Metaverse era, we are responsible for finding ways to provide entertainment in both the real and the virtual worlds.

LDH music & publishing

LDH music & publishing manages the music rights of the songs released by our artists.
We also provide a unique music production environment with plenty of creative spaces, and even have the opportunity to interact with overseas producers.
We’re quick to detect the ever-changing music trends and develop a rights business that can be applied on a worldwide scale.