What is the scale of LDH as a company and what are the type of people who work there?

Currently, as of January 2024, there are approximately 340 employees working at LDH JAPAN, with an estimate of around 500 employees in total if you include each group company.
The average age of our employees is 35.8 with an even ratio of males to females.
There are many opportunities for both men and women to play an active role in all departments as we work hard together to deliver LDH entertainment daily!

I would like to take part in live concert production at LDH! Are there any qualifications or experience I should have beforehand?

Here at LDH, the Live Concert Production Division handles work related to live performances and events. The department is further divided with various staff roles: creative staff, production staff, desk staff, and the ticket sales promotion staff.

Furthermore, there are no particular restrictions regarding academic backgrounds or professional qualifications.
Within the Live Concert Production Division, the creative staff and production staff are primarily involved in live production. We believe those who have part-time live management experience working for event planners will be able to fully utilize their skills in this department.
In addition to general desk work, the desk staff and the ticket sales promotion staff are involved in many tasks unique to live production, such as the arrangement of accommodations of large groups and maintaining schedule adjustments pertaining to ticket sales.

However, when working for the Live Concert Production Division, you must be confident in your ability to be active and have enough strength and willpower to take on all tasks given with a positive attitude. We’re looking to hire those with traits such as the ability to work while building good interpersonal relationships. We currently have many employees who have come from different levels of professional backgrounds or even those who have no prior experience.

We are seeking individuals who value cooperation and teamwork, have a deep love for live performances and events, and have a clear reason and purpose for wanting to work on live shows with LDH.

Can female staff members become managers at LDH?

In addition to artists like EXILE TRIBE, LDH is home to around 170 individuals, including actors, talents, models, and athletes.

Among them, the position that works the closest to these individuals providing the most amount of support falls on the managers.
Of course, many female staff members take part in this position, with women making up about half of the total number of managers.

There are in fact many things that can only be understood or done by the female staff. It is especially true when working with female artists where female staff members are often involved.

In addition to managers, LDH has many staff members active in various divisions regardless of gender.
Such divisions include the Desk staff who provides support to the company, the Sales staff who interacts with members of the media, the Tie-up staff who interacts with other companies, the Media Content staff who works the field, the Goods Manufacturing and Apparel teams, and our Food and Beverage staff.

LDH aims to create an environment where not only our artists but also our staff can pursue their dreams and work hard!

We openly welcome anyone, including women, who are interested in working at LDH, so how about taking on the challenge!

Please tell me about the atmosphere within the company.

We as a company value each individual's opinion and encourage everyone to take on challenges. Our company strives not for a top-down approach, but instead, a bottom-up approach where each employee forms their own set of challenges early on and tackles them while consulting with superiors and colleagues.

With a free desk system in place, it allows for active communication across divisions within the company.

Do you have a senior alumni visit system?

We are very sorry, but we do not offer any introductions from our company. For those who wish to visit alumni, please do so through a friend or contact your school's employment department.

Is it mandatory to participate in the company information session or the internship?
Will I still be eligible to apply for the first selection process if I haven’t?

Of course, participation in neither is mandatory.
However, keep in mind that both are great opportunities to learn more about our company’s thoughts and initiative, so we’re hoping to have as many student participations as possible if time allows for it.

Is there a possibility of internal division transfers after joining the company?

There is a possibility of a division transfer after undergoing training and being assigned.
At LDH, we aim to assign the right person for the right job while also taking into consideration each individual’s wishes. In addition, as we have many businesses in a wide range of areas, there is a possibility of a transfer to one of our group companies as well.

I have an inquiry concerning recruitment.

For inquiries regarding recruitment, please contact our new graduate recruitment staff in the Human Resources Department via email.
Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding the selection process.