• Corporate Strategy Division

    Corporate Strategy Division

    The Corporate Strategy Division is in charge of the four business areas, consisting of Asia/Global, Digital, Education, and Food Culture, of which include our artist, growth, and new business strategies. The Asia / Global project in particular is focused on building relationships with local partners hoping to support artists’ activities and the opening of new markets and from all over Asia. In addition, the Corporate Strategy Division is also in charge of corporate branding to improve LDH's corporate value.

  • Management and Sales Headquarters

    Management and Sales Headquarters

    Management Division

    The Management Division is considered to be business partners as they help manage activities through meticulous planning, all while sharing their vision in order to help artists, actors, and talents achieve their dreams. Among tasks such as the scheduling of live shows, Drama / Movie / TV appearances, and media interviews, the division also comprehensively supports them by managing their physical well-being so that they can always focus on their activities in the best possible condition.

    Music Content Division

    The Music Content Division works as a team to devise activity plans for promoting artists under our own label, “LDH Records,” aiming to bring music to as many people as possible. This division divides its activities into 3 parts. These include A&R activities such as product production and release planning, sales promotion activities that include distribution to stores both actual and online, on-site sales, and release events and finally there are promotional activities that aim to spread the music through media engagement.

    Sales Division

    The Sales Division conduct business activities to convey the appeal of our artists, actors, talents, and their works to the world through media exposure.
    This includes media promotion activities such as negotiating appearances and proposing ideas with TV programs, magazines, radio stations, and newspapers. There are also publicity activities that involve having the media write articles and making information programs that cover the activities of our artists, actors, and talents.

  • Live Concert Headquarters

    Live Concert Headquarters

    Live Concert Production Division

    The Live Concert Production Division is responsible for creating live entertainment, the core business at LDH. This involves creative activities such as developing the concept, structure, and direction of the live event from scratch. This division is responsible for handling all tasks that relate to live events, such as managing pre-event schedules, securing venues, overseeing both rehearsals and real shows, along with post-show teardown operations of said shows. Additionally, this division coordinates with other divisions and staff involved and even manages income and expenditure.

    Ticketing Division

    The Ticketing Division handles the sales and management of tickets for live performances, theater, and events, as well as coordinating the sales schedule. This division also operates "ticketbook", an in-house developed electronic ticketing service.

  • Fan Experience Headquarters

    Fan Experience Headquarters

    Fan Communication Division

    In order to help fans grow even more passionate about their favorite artists, the Fan Communication Division operates their official fan clubs, mobile websites, and 'CL', a video streaming & community platform.
    Beyond delivering news and the latest information, the Fan Communication Division creates various events and content through active communication in hopes of entertaining the fans in the community.

    Customer Experience Design Department

    The CX (Customer Experience) Design Department aims to contribute by making all support activities done by our fans a more pleasant experience by addressing any issues found on our company’s own media, social media, e-commerce sites, and all streaming platforms through data analyzation. We strive to design experiences that will delight our fans.

    Merchandising Division

    The MD (Merchandising) Division is responsible for planning, producing, and managing the sales of merchandise related to artists and live events.
    To ensure that the merchandise appeals to a wide range of fans, we work closely with the members during the planning stage to bring ideas to life.
    The merchandise will then be sold at locations such as live venues and EXILE TRIBE STATION.

  • Business Administration Headquarters

    Business Administration Headquarters

    The Business Administration Headquarters provides overall support for the company's business activities.
    Here, it is further divided into the Finance and Accounting Department, the Business Management Department, and the Legal Department.
    The Finance and Accounting Department manages the entire company’s finances and transactions to support the company's growth and development. The Business Management Department oversees the management status of each business and supports executive decision-making. The Legal Department ensures appropriate and sound business conduct by handling contracts and transactions for each business.

  • General Affairs / Human Resources Headquarters

    General Affairs / Human Resources Headquarters

    The General Affairs / Human Resources Headquarters provides comprehensive support for company management. It is divided into the Human Resources Department, the General Affairs Department, and the Information Systems Department. The Human Resources Department supports employee growth through recruitment, transfers, and the formation of organizational and workplace environments. The General Affairs Department manages the infrastructure of supplies and equipment to support the company’s operations and its employees. The Information Systems Department services and maintains internal systems in hopes to improve business operations.