Diversity of Global Challenges

Now, To the World! Let’s Make Our Dreams Come True Together

Here at LDH lies many challenges that await you to fulfil your dream.

Challenging the world through Music.
Challenging the world through Education.
Challenging the world through Food Culture.
Challenging the world through Digital Technology.

Believe in the power of entertainment,
and believe in the power of having dreams...

Our global challenge that’s filled with diversity will spread the Circle of Dreams across the world.

Create a world where we can share Love, Dream, and Happiness with as many people as possible through the power of believing, connecting, and circulating our dreams.

Here at LDH, we’re waiting for those who are willing to face challenges towards their dreams.

LDH Japan is continuously facing challenges in pursuits of becoming a global entertainment company that can represent all of Asia.

In order to let everyone who is about to venture into society know more about LDH’s vision and activities, we will be holding an independent company information session, "LDH CAREER FORUM 2026 -Diversity of Global Challenges-".

On the day of the event, in addition to our company’s main operations, we will also discuss our core growth strategy for facing global challenges, along with the introduction of our initiative comprising of the 4 areas, "Music", "Education", "Food Culture", and "Digital Technology".

We would love for everyone to get to know LDH in its current state and will be looking forward to your participation.

Date and Time
2024/6/15(Sat.) 18:00~20:00
The event will be held at
(5F, Haneda Airport Terminal 1)!!

*Click here for more details.

How to participate.
Venue / Online (Mynavi TV)

*Entry will closed once capacity is reached.

Event Contents

  • Company Overview
    We will give an introduction covering a wide range of information, from our corporate philosophy of "Love Dream Happiness", to our "Circle of Dreams" purpose, main operations, and growth strategies. Please look forward to a future with us at LDH.
  • Staff Talk Session
    One of our young employees who has taken part in corporate branding and global projects will discuss workflow and the specifics of the job here at LDH.
  • Artist Talk Session
    A globally active artist will take the stage and talk about the reality of overseas challenges, including their successes, failures, and what they have learned in the process.
  • Employment Consultation
    Consultation will be provided by our new hires of recent graduates regarding topics such as LDH as a company, and job hunting. For those who are interested, please feel free to take part in this great opportunity.
    (physical participation only / non-manditory participation)

Internship Screening Information Available!

  1. Participate in "LDH CAREER FORUM 2026"
    (Regardless of Venue / Online)
  2. Assignment Submission
  3. Assignment Selection
  4. Summer Internship (July to August)
  5. Early Selection (October)

*Those who have participated in the summer internship can apply for early selection.


Application Period 6/15(Sat.)~7/1(Mon.) at Noon
Selection Process To Be Announced
Event Times ①7/29 (Mon.) - 8/2 (Fri.)
②8/5 (Mon.) - 8/9 (Fri.)
③8/19 (Mon.) - 8/23 (Fri.)
④8/26 (Mon.) - 8/30 (Fri.)
Please choose one suitable time slot from the 4 listed above.
Where to Participate Online
Conditions for Applying Participation in this event is required for internship applications. (via Venue / Online)