Diversity :
Circle of Dreams

LDH is a place where everyone’s dreams come true.

LDH has continued to evolve not only by supporting the dreams of artists,
but by making the dreams of every individual come true.

Dreams are different for everyone,
but by combining everyone’s possibilities and aspirations, we can create synergy.

Making each and everyone’s dream come true at LDH will come to be our strength in the future.

Alright, let’s all go make our exciting dreams a reality at LDH.


Application Guidelines

2025 New Graduate Recruitment Courses
Open Course This course will provide experience in a variety of activities and departments for those who have a passion for music & entertainment, making dreams come true, and want to take on a wide range of challenges here at LDH.
At the application stage, we do not specify the type of job or department to which you will be assigned. A decision will be made after careful consideration of your wishes and suitability when joining the company.

<Possible Department Assignment>
・Corporate Strategy Division
・Management Division
・Music Content Division
・Sales Division
・Fan Communication Division
・Customer Experience Design Department
・Merchandising Division
・Live Concert Production Division
・Ticketing Division
・Business Administration Headquarters
・General Affairs / Human Resources Headquarters

*Job rotation may be performed in order to improve skills and develop abilities.
Global Field Course In the music and entertainment industry where national borders are becoming increasingly borderless, this course is intended for those who want to work on a global stage. You can expect to experience various activities such as strategic planning, project management, marketing, and digital / social media using our Asia / Global strategy as a base to expand from Japan to Asia, America, and even Europe.

【Application Requirements】
Those who meet the following:
・Those who possess a global mind and have the ambition to take on challenges and play an active role in the world.
・Those who want to create their own projects and businesses and deliver LDH entertainment to the world
・Those who have no issues regarding overseas activities, different cultures, and can actively communicate.
・Those who are willing to continue learning the skills necessary for global work (even if your current English / foreign language proficiency isn’t high)

*Job rotation may be performed in order to improve skills and develop abilities.
*We may suggest a different course depending on your suitability.
Expert Course Whether it’s a field you’re good at or something you’re interested in, you can apply for your desired field and we’ll assign you to the corresponding department.
For those who have a desired line of work, want to make the most of the skils they have cultivated thus far, and / or want to raise their current skill level to a global level, you can expect to acquire the technical knowledge and skills that will allow you work in the field as an expert in this course.

*Job rotation may be performed in order to improve skills and develop abilities.
*We may suggest a different course depending on your suitability.
■Marketing Planner Those Who Meet any of Following
・Has an interest in marketing
・Have majored in marketing or a related subject
・Has prior work experience in marketing

Main Responsibilities
・Marketing strategy planning and verification of effectiveness
・Strategy-based promotion planning and execution
・Research and analysis of market trends
■Digital & Social Media Marketing Planner Those Who Meet any of the Following
・Has an interest in the use of digital media and social media marketing
・Have majored in media related fields
・Has work experience related to the operation of digital media and social media

Main Responsibilities
・Operation and development of digital media
・Planning and operation of social media marketing
・Production of digital and social media contents
■Data Scientist Those Who Meet any of the Following
・Have an interest in data analyzation
・Have majored in statistics or data science
・An interest in working as a data scientist

Main Responsibilities
・Construction and operation of customer database
・Conduct business proposals based on collected data
・Problem solving using data analyzed from music and social media
■AI Engineer Those Who Meet any of the Following
・Has an interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence)
・Have majored in AI (Artificial Intelligence) studies
・Has an interest to challenge the possibilities of using AI (Artificial Intelligence)for entertainment

Main Responsibilities
・Utilization of AI to improve tasks
・Development of generative AI
・New business development through the use of AI
■Education / Human Resource Development Producer Those Who Meet any of the Following
・Has an interest in educating the next generation
・Have majored in Education
・Has a strong interest in promoting education business through entertainment

Main Responsibilities
・EXPG (Dance, Vocal, Acting School) business operations
・Management and operation of EXPG High School
・Development of new recruits, training service and methods
■Food Culture Producer Those Who Meet any of the Following
・Has an interest in popularizing yakitori, a staple of Japanese food culture
・Has an interest in all aspects of the food and beverage industry and / or Japanese food culture
・Has an interest in managing stores and chefs

Main Responsibilities
・Operation of LDH kitchen (stores, food sales)
・Strategy planning of store marketing
・Overseas business and food culture expansion operations
■A&R Those Who Meet any of the Following
・Loves music and wishes to work in this industry
・Have majored in a music-related field
・Has work experience in music production.

Main Responsibilities
・Formulating artist strategies and promotion plans
・Production involving music, music videos, and artwork
・Training artists
■Live Production Program Planner Those Who Meet any of the Following
・Has an interest in directing live performances and production planning
・Have majored in a field related to live performance, theater, or film production and direction
・Has work experience in theater or live production

Main Responsibilities
・Concept and story-making
・Planning and production of live performances
・Directing live performances
■Video Creator Those Who Meet any of the Following
・Produces videos for YouTube or social media
・Have majored in a field involving video production
・Has work experience utilizing digital technologies such as 3DCG or VR

Main Responsibilities
・Producing video content for anime, commercials, music videos, etc.
・Producing videos for websites and social media
・Producing videos for our company’s own services (Fan Club, Mobile-site, CL)
■Finance and Accounting 【Application Requirements】
・Must rank 2 or above for the JCCI Bookkeeping Proficiency Test

Main Responsibilities
・Monthly settlements
・Consolidated financial statements
・Tax declaration
・Audit-related duties
・M&A-related duties (due diligence)
■Legal 【Application Requirements】
・Must have majored in Law

Main Responsibilities
・Drafting and reviewing contracts
(Japanese: English = 8:2)
・Handling intellectual property
(Patents, Trademarks)
・Planning and conducting internal compliance training
Selection Process
  1. STEP1Entry
  2. STEP2Audition sheet, Short video screening
  3. STEP3Group interview, Aptitude test
  4. STEP4Group interview, Presentation
  5. STEP5Group interview
  6. STEP6 Unofficial job offer

*For the Expert course, there will be no presentation in STEP 4.

Location Meguro Higashiyama Square Building, 1-2-2
Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153‐0043
Working Hours Flextime
Standard working hours : 8 hours
Core time : 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Not applicable for some divisions)
Break time : 60 minutes
*Some divisions implement variable working hours on a monthly basis.
Salary <Annual Income>
Starting from 3,500,400 yen
Monthly Salary: Starting from 291,700 yen
(Including overtime allowance)

<Monthly Breakdown>
Basic Salary : Starting from 219,100 yen
Overtime Allowance : Starting from 72,600 yen (A base amount equalling 45 hours of overtime work will be provided regardless of actual overtime worked)
*Excess overtime work will be paid separately.

<Salary Increase>
Other Benefits ・Family Support(First dependent child: 35,000 yen, +50,000 yen per every subsequent child)
・Housing Support (for those living within 1.2 km of the workplace)
・Management Support
・Condolence Support
・Commuting Support (Will fully reimburse as per company policy)
Job System Full-Time Employee (3-month probation period)
Holidays and Leave ・Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday) *Days off may vary based on artist / talent activities.
・Annual paid leave
・Spring break (Golden Week)
・Summer break
・Winter break (end of the year holidays)
・Condolence leave
・Maternity leave
・Paternity leave
[Special Paid Leave]
・Family Leave:Family events, Anniversaries, School events, Family vacations, Memorial service, etc.
・Birthday Leave:Can be taken within your birth month
・Christmas Leave:Can be taken on Christmas
・Inspiration Leave:Can be taken to enhance creativity for the next day’s work
System / Employee Benefits ・Hot desking implementation
・Fully equipped lounge
・Health insurance・Welfare pension・Labor insurance
・Regular health check-ups, Season vaccinations
・Smart healthcare
・Employee discount system (special discounts at group restaurants and merchandise stores)
・Year-end bonus (based on company performance)
Orientation Training After joining, comprehensive educational programs including both classroom and practical training matching your career are provided so you can quickly improve your skills and get started on your assignemnts / duties / tasks
Follow-up training and video training tools are implemented regularly to facilitate continuous learning regardless of time and location.
Along with the new course-specific recruitments starting in 2025, detailed and diverse educational programs will be further enhanced.
■Introduction Training After joining, we will focus on building basic skills needed as an LDH employee and a professional by learning essential business manners, along with a course where we’ll learn about LDH’s history and its future strategies.
■On-Site Experience Training: Training in various divisions such as Corporate Strategy, Management, Live Concert Production, Fan Communication, Merchandising, and Food and Beverages to gain deeper insights into current LDH operations.
After completing on-site training, the new recruit's starting position will be assigned after careful consideration based your suitability and on surveys taken from both the new recruit and divisions.
■Marketing Training As a way to grasp marketing basics and skills, continuous training on information analysis, logical thinking, strategy formulation, and presentation skills will be implemented while learning about artist strategy / promotion / project planning.
■Live / Event Experience Training: Experince the process of how our artists deliver excitement by visiting (actual) live shows, events, and training studios, etc.
■Compliance Training Learn not only about laws and regulations related to entertainment, but also the rules and ethics that are expected of LDH employees.
■Follow-Up Training Regular follow-up training will be held every 3 months (3, 6, 9, and 12 months in) during the first year to review the progress and goal achievement of new employees in their respective departments.
Other Training
■Position-Specific Training and Career Development Training In a company that hopes to achieve new growth strategies, as stated before, by implementing actions such as career development training, an internal personnel system overhaul is currently being put into place (to be completed in December 2024). There is a variety of work within the company, such as management, live production, fan communication, global strategy, etc. We define the position (level of work) within each job and institutionalize the steps each employee should take to develop his or her career, regardless of age or year(s) of employment. In addition, "course-specific recruitments" will be adopted in 2025, enhancing further detailed and diverse educational programs tailored to each course.
■Management Training Training for the following: Inaugural Administrative Training, Administrative Compliance training, Management Training, and Evaluator Training