expg Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

I’m EXILE TETSUYA, the CEO of expg Inc.

EXPG is currently operating 14 schools, including those overseas, with approximately 5,000 students, ages 3 to adult, who come to us with dreams and goals.

It’s been a very humbling experience to have served as the representative of EXPG for the first 20 years of its establishment.

This is a story from some time ago but…
There was one time in my life as a performer when I almost gave up on my dream of joining EXILE.
At that time, I was given the opportunity to become an instructor at EXPG as the last hope for my dream, which led me to the path to joining EXILE.

Even now I still feel that it was EXILE which saved me when I had given up on my dream.

I hope that my appointment as the representative of EXPG will be one way to show LDH’s purpose, "Circle of Dreams".

Many of the members of LDH also dreamt of becoming artists, and through friendly competition and the help of their friends, they have achieved their dream.
On the other hand, I have also seen many students who could not attain their dream.

To pursue a dream is to understand reality at the same time. At EXPG we believe that entertainment education is developing the ability to communicate your dream and reality clearly, understand both, and develop the ability to derive for oneself what must be done in order to achieve it.

Needless to say, many LDH artists have been created from EXPG, but there are also many EXPG graduates and former students who work in various LDH departments, so we feel that for LDH as a whole, this is a very important place.

We will continue to develop the wonderful aspects of EXPG which have been building up for the past 20 years, while evolving the educational aspects that have changed with time, and the way to hold, expand, and fulfil one’s dream. I hope to build the next 10 years of EXPG with the power of entertainment and experiences we have accumulated thus far.

expg Inc.
Chief Executive Officer