Chief Executive Officer

Hello, I’m EXILE AKIRA!!

I’m pleased to announce that I have assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of LDH TAIWAN Inc.

LDH TAIWAN Inc. is a company based in Taiwan, which transmits LDH’s entertainment to Asia.

As the philosophy of LDH original entertainment, we have included the Chinese characters for "Love" "Dream" and "Happiness" in the company name to express our desire to spread Love, Dreams, and Happiness.

For me personally, for several years now I have been challenging myself by engaging in various activities with the theme of “To the World”. Through my own activities, to communicating the group and LDH to the world, I have received a lot of stimulation and grown from international culture and the awareness and attitude of the world standard of local people.

In recent years, not only me, but all the many close EXILE TRIBE members as well, are active in various fields at home and abroad, and we are trying to connect all the dots and create one big circle.
I am very excited because I have the sense that the seemingly unattainable vision I had of expanding activities into Asia, is slowly coming to form in various ways.

Also, the last album of Chapter 1 which released in 2006 was titled "EXILE ASIA", which I presonally interpreted as "With the spirit of Made in LDH and original entertainment to expand throughout Asia!!"

That is to say, I have been working daily to make this vision of overseas expansion come true with my personal interpretation and passion.

In order to make my own long-cherished dream a reality.
And, to connect to the future of LDH.

I would like to take advantage of my past experiences and know-how to further expand the "circle" of LDH, and pioneer the future, not only as a person on the stage, but also as a person of responsibility,

But first and foremost…, everything I have today has been given to me by the many fans and friends I have met at LDH.

As the LDH purpose "Circle of Dreams", and the circulation of dreams as our theme, we value and never forget to “believe in dreams, connect to dreams, and deliver entertainment overflowing with the power of dreams” which we have felt in our lives. As we continue to link these efforts together, we hope to deliver Love, Dreams, and Happiness to as many people as possible in various ways.

In the future, we hope to build a place and system where juniors and future children can play an active role in the world.

As a bridge to Asia, LDH and EXILE TRIBE will open up the way for the future possibilities of entertainment on all fronts!!

Above all, I will do my best as the CEO of EXILE, EXILE THE SECOND, EXILE TRIBE, and LDH TAIWAN Inc. in order to let our fans experience new content, and would appreciate your support.

As always, thank you everyone.

Chief Executive Officer