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Under the concept of Love Dream Happiness, LDH was founded in 2003 with EXILE as its center. Thanks to all the fans who gave their support and people who offered assistance, LDH celebrates the 20th anniversary this year. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supports LDH.

With EXILE's dream as the starting point, LDH has evolved and grown into what it is like today as a comprehensive entertainment company by forming EXILE TRIBE and gathering many partners.

In 2017, LDH launched a new system and took on various challenges in order to make further leaps forward. However, many plans have been canceled or adjusted due to COVID-19 from 2020.
We were confused, worried and frustrated by this unprecedented situation, but this was also a big opportunity for us to reconsider our own condition and the way LDH should be. We strongly realized that entertainment was irreplaceable for society.

Therefore, we returned to the starting point and thought again about the future of LDH.

LDH has collected many dreams. It was the power of these dreams that enabled us to overcome various difficulties and pave the way for the future.

【Dreams are not fantasies but real power.】

I have the conviction that a bright future will be created by committing to actions with a belief in the power of dreams and reality.

Bearing this thought in mind, I have made various preparations over the past few years, such as thoroughly strengthening compliance and governance, in order to create an organization that suits the current society and make LDH a new strong organization that can realize the dreams of many people despite the difficult situation caused by COVID-19.

Putting forward "Dreams For Children" as a social contribution theme, LDH has been launching activities with the aim of supporting children to have dreams, challenge their dreams and realize them and building a society for children to shine via entertainment.
In addition, LDH hopes to connect the dreams of many people gathered here and turn the power of dreams into the power of reality across generations so as to make contributions to the world.

Therefore, a new phrase that clarifies the purpose of LDH's existence has been created.
LDH's purpose.

"Circle of Dreams"

Believe in dreams, connect dreams and create entertainment full of the power of dreams.
Through 【Circle of Dreams】, we move forward 【to a future where Love Dream Happiness can be shared with as many people as possible】.

I would like to make an announcement here that I will return to my role of President & General Manager in order to take the lead in promoting the idea "Circle of Dreams".

LDH will be reborn as an organization that is more trusted by society and make further contributions to the world. In order to make all stakeholders happy, LDH will launch activities under a new structure and a new spirit from October. Please look forward to the future of LDH.

Exciting LDH entertainment contents will be published in sequence. Stick around for more info!

Chairman, CEO, and CCO
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Creative Officer