LDH's digital technology initiatives stem from 2 axes of content and service: LDH DIGITAL, producing digital content, and ticketbook, providing next-generation digital ticketing services.

At LDH DIGITAL, we develop the 3DCG characters using the world’s most advanced motion-capture studio, world-class motion capture technology, and model construction. LDH DIGITAL was originally a digital animation studio, but as the 3DCG character models, which were developed with EXILE TRIBE artists at the primary characters, can recreate dance expression with quality that is globally unparalleled, is now experimenting with this technology in "Kyaradan". These endeavors are in anticipation of the birth of the metaverse generation where entertainment is created in a virtual space. LDH DIGITAL is taking the initiative to experiment in developing entertainment that blends the real and virtual.

  • キャラだん
  • モーキャプ
  • モーキャプスタジオ

Ticketbook is a service which allows users to purchase electronic tickets safely, securely, and easily with a single smartphone. From the application to admission, we have accomplished the holding of over 200 shows with central management.

Electronic tickets offer a convenience that paper tickets do not, through advantages such as:
① Prevention of ticket misplacement.
② Quick admission made possible by the use of a QR code
③ Payment and reimbursement are made possible without the need to go to a convenience store
④ Guidance and other information can be transferred directly to the applicant and their companion.

Additionally, tickebook features translation in 9 languages, 2-step purchasing, and other unique services unavailable elsewhere. We will continue to utilize various technologies to innovatively expand our ticketing services across the world.

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With the aim of increasing the enjoyment of entertainment for many people, LDH is creating a next generation entertainment experience by making further developments in digital contents and applying technology in the digital sphere.