LDH apparel

LDH apparel has developed 3 brands, each expressing their own unique culture "STUDIO SEVEN", "FORSOMEONE", and "enasoluna".
Most pieces are developed through collaboration with artists, though, the distinctive characteristic of LDH apparel is the diversified, three-dimensional approach it takes to fashion. LDH apparel also designs and produces rehearsal wear used during live tours and other events, as well as costumes for music videos and live shows, and sells replicas of these costumes in stores and online.

LDH apparel LDH apparel LDH apparel

LDH kitchen

We have developed many restaurants with the concept "Meals are also Entertainment ", and currently we are focusing on our goal of spreading Japanese food culture to create a broader scope for culinarians to have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and activities. Yoshiteru Ikegawa from the well-established yakitori restaurant "Torishiki" formulated the group "Torishiki ICHIMON" including 10 domestic and international locations: "Torikaze", "Ohana", "Toriyoshi", "Toritsuki", "Torikado", "Torisora", "Torimachi", "Torioka", "New York Torien", and "Shanghai Torikaze" .

Furthermore, 2 sushi restaurants, "Sushi Tsubomi" and "3110NZ by LDH kitchen" were opened in collaboration with "Sushi Saito", one of the most eminent sushi restaurants in Japan, with the aim of letting people enjoy Japanese food culture.

In addition, LDH is offering their own style in culinary specialties such as the coffee shop "AMAZING COFFEE" produced by EXILE TETSUYA in Tokyo (Nakameguro, Haneda) and Osaka.

LDH apparel LDH apparel LDH apparel


"EXPG STUDIO" is a full-scale school which trains those who want to become artists, dancers, vocalists, actors, and all other expressionists = a school which aims to develop entertainers.

EXILE, which has been pursuing its dream, had the thought of providing a place where children can make their own dreams come true. Since its opening in Tokyo in 2003, EXILE STUDIO has opened in Miyazaki, Sapporo, Osaka, Matsuyama, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Nagoya, Yokohama, Omiya, Kyoto, Sendai, Funabashi, and overseas in Taipei, New York and LA. Additionally, in 2021 we opened our first branch in Shanghai, China as "EXPG ENTERTAINMENT". EXPG STUDIO is steadily expanding as a place where dreams can come true and has produced many graduates who have gone on to become professionals, thanks to its well-developed curriculum designed for those aiming to become professional entertainers, and experienced instructors.

EXPG STUDIO BY LDH, which has produced many graduates who are active as artists and performers, has partnered with N High School to establish "EXPG High School", where students can obtain a high school diploma while learning dance in earnest. We will do our best to support students who want to work in the field of dance. Even students who have no prior experience in dance but want to discover and achieve their dreams and goals through the filter of dance, will be supported during their three years of high school with the goal of expanding their possibilities.

LDH apparel LDH apparel LDH apparel


By uniting LDH JAPAN, an entertainment company which is expanding its business both domestically and internationally, and LDH DIGITAL, which is highly developed in areas of CG, animation, and the metaverse, we will make great advances in the Japanese entertainment industry by fusing the real and virtual worlds.

"Digital" itself has no physical substance. Its true nature is a multitude of crossovers between one thing and another.

LDH has many "elements of multiplication" such as "Dance x Digital," "Music x Digital," "Live x Digital," "Movie x Digital," and "Manga x Digital," and going forward, LDH DIGITAL will create even more new and interesting multiplications.

LDH apparel LDH apparel LDH apparel