At LDH, where we believe that "Meals are also entertainment", we have developed a variety of restaurants through LDH kitchen, established in 2008, and now we are pleased to enter into a partnership with Yoshiteru Ikegawa of the restaurant "Toriyoshiki" which is a Japanese symbol of yakitori, and who shares the same beliefs on LDH Entertainment as we do.

  • 斉藤孝司氏
  • 池川義輝氏

LDH hopes that in the same way of learning about entertainment, many people around the world will learn about and enjoy yakitori, a traditional Japanese food. Sushi is already very popular around the world, and it’s global standing has become so high that sushi chefs are now highly respected culinarians, although, yakitori is still not as well known for its appeal as sushi. However, Ikegawa's expertise in preparing yakitori is truly that of a master craftsman and can change the value of feasting on dishes featuring chicken, and visitors to Japan who have experienced Ikegawa's yakitori have all been amazed.

LDH and Ikegawa formed "Torishiki ICHIMON" with apprentices who were taught Ikegawa's artisan skills. Along with training yakitori chefs, we aim to improve their international standing, and deliver their craft to the world as a part of Japan's world-class food culture. We hope to create a market where we can let the world know the value of yakitori.

Sushi and yakitori have one thing in common: they are both live performances which unfold in front of the customer. Yakitori is not just about the delicious flavor, but also about how the customer can enjoy it. We feel that the element of entertainment is something that LDH and Yoshiteru Ikegawa of "Torishiki" can both identify with as partners, and LDH would like to expand Japanese food culture through the world as a form of entertainment.