NEWSNotice on “LDH Donation”



We would like to express our deepest sympathy to everyone who has been affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in January 2024.

We will set up donation boxes to support these people at the venues of LDH live shows and events, LDH stores, EXPG STUDIO schools and other places.
We would appreciate it if you gave warm support and cooperation.

Donations received from everyone will be donated to the disaster-affected areas through the Japanese Red Cross Society.

LDH artists, talents and staff sincerely hope that the disaster-affected areas will be restored and reconstructed as soon as possible and that people in the areas full of memories of live shows and events will be able to live in peace.

*We will keep you informed of the donation result on the official site of LDH anytime.

Japanese Red Cross Society

January 6, 2024